As Amended April 10, 2003


Section I: Name

This organization shall be known as the Spokane Corvette Club.


Section I: Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be:

To promote interest in Corvettes.

To create good fellowship and sportsmanship among the members.

To conduct club operations and activities in such a manner as to bring about a clearer understanding on the part of the public, press and law enforcement agencies of organized club activities.

To promote safety in automobile maintenance and operation and further the development and quality of Corvettes.

To provide the membership with any and all benefits available to such an organization.

To uphold the principles of good government.

To participate in community service work.


Section I: Membership

Applicants for membership:

Must be a registered owner of a Corvette or a Corvette enthusiast.

Must have a valid driver’s license.

Must pay an annual membership fee of Forty Dollars ($40.00), payable on or before March 31 of each year.

Must pay a one-time only initiation fee of Ten dollars ($10.00) which includes:

A copy of the Bylaws and Constitution and other necessary information.

Other items as determined by the Board of Directors

E. Must be a member in good standing for a minimum of one year before being allowed to hold office.


Section II: Types of Membership

There shall be four types of membership in this Club: Honorary, Active, Associate and Charter:

Honorary membership may be conferred upon a person for meritorious service to the Club by vote of the membership. Honorary members shall not pay dues or have a vote in Club business.

Active: Any person of good character and an owner of a Corvette or a Corvette enthusiast is eligible for Active Membership in this Club will full privileges thereof.

Charter Member: Those persons active in 1976 when the Club was formed.


Section I: Governing Body

This organization shall be governed by a Board of Directors consisting of the following:


Vice President



Duties of committees shall be designated in the Bylaws.


Section I: Suspension and Expulsion or Reprimand

Any member of the club may be suspended or expelled for unsportsmanlike conduct, for failure of elected duties, or for activities detrimental to the Club.

Authority for action in the case of Part A, Section I, Article V, shall come from a two-thirds vote of the membership for the corporation at a regular or special meeting of the membership, after being given a proper hearing by the Board of Directors.

Letter or Reprimand will be sent to a member or members for reasons covered in this Article V, Section I A above.

Member shall have at least two weeks prior notice of charges and hearing date by a notice mailed to their last known address.


Section I: Resignation

Any club member may resign from membership by submitting said resignation in writing to the Board of Directors and relinquishing all Club properties.


Section I: Fiscal Year

The fiscal year shall run from January 1 through December 31.


Section I - Liabilities

All persons or corporations, or partnerships, groups, or associations extending credit to, contracting with, or having any claim against the Club or the Board of Directors thereof shall look only to the funds and property of the Club for payment of any such judgment, contract, claim, debt, damage or decree or any other monies that otherwise become due or payable to them from the Club or its Board of Directors so that neither the Club nor the Directors present or future shall in any manner be personally liable therefore.

Under no circumstances shall the Club, its property, delegates, officers, directors or members be responsible for any debts, damages, or liabilities of any kind or nature, incurred or sustained by any recognized, sanctioned or otherwise approved local organization, club or association or any person acting in its name, unless said local group has obtained prior approval in writing from the Board.

The Club shall be incorporated.


Section I Amendments

Constitutional amendments shall be proposed to the Board of Directors to be brought up at a Board meeting.

Constitutional amendments will be voted on at the next regular general membership meeting.

Voting authority for passage of amendments to this constitution shall be a two-thirds majority of the voting membership present at a regular meeting.